Our Philosophy

We believe that pregnancy and birth are extraordinary life events for a woman and her family.

We believe that taking a holistic approach to caring for mother and baby will result in the best possible pregnancy and birth experience. We aim to help optimize not just physical, but also emotional and social health.

We are committed to providing woman-centred care. We work in partnership with women and their families by offering support, providing information, and respecting their choices.

We aim to provide excellent care that is based on the best and most current evidence. Sharing this information is important for women and their families in making decisions about their care.

We support the natural process of pregnancy and birth. We prefer to minimize unnecessary tests and medical or surgical interventions. Mother and baby’s health and safety will always remain our top priority.

We encourage questions and value a safe place for conversation with the families we care for. We also appreciate feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our care.